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Common Sense Lessons #158 and 159

coke-in-trunk.jpgLet’s say you’ve got something illegal in the trunk of your car. Like, I dunno, almost 40 pounds of coke (which looks very much like the image there on the right). The last thing you want is to get pulled over, right? So common sense suggests that you make sure that your car, I dunno, has some license plates on it.

That’s the lesson Marco Mendez learned while he was driving through Nebraska. His minivan was pulled over in the middle of the afternoon because it didn’t have plates. But Mendez still might’ve been ok, save for the fact that he apparently needs a second common sense lesson: When you’ve got something illegal in your car and the cops pull you over, don’t consent to a search.

So yeah, Mendez consented to a search of the van, and the cops found the coke stashed in his trunk. Needless to say, things didn’t turn out well for Mendez - he and his passenger were arrested, while the two kids in the van with them were, sadly, placed into the custody of Health and Human Services.