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Common area, schmommon area

condo-balcony.jpgRemember how I was talking about wanting to forcibly secede Florida from the Union? Case in point….

Bobbi Desotello is having a fight with his neighboring condo owners. Seems that there is a shared balcony that he uses to get to some stairs that take him down to the water where his boat is parked. Trouble is, his crusty next door neighbors claim they own their portion of the balcony as private property, even though the condo association bylaws call it a common area, and the stairs were paid for by all of the condo owners.

So when Desotello walks down the balcony to take the stairs to his boats, he says: “I get yelled at, screamed at, cursed at, threatened, spit on or attempted to spit on.”

And why has this been going on for over a year? Because, as the unnamed neighbor explained, in reference to his wife: “She wants to walk here naked.”