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Check please!

checks.jpgA brilliant bank robber in Englewood, Colorado managed to take almost five grand from a local bank last week. Unfortunately for the 27-year-old Forest Kelly Bissonnette, he would not have much free time to enjoy his earnings, as he turned himself over to the Feds a mere three days later. Turns out that the FBI was quickly able to figure out the robber’s identity because the note he gave to a bank teller demanding the cash was written on the back of a check which belonged to him!

Bissonnette had the “good sense” to scratch his name off of the check, but a G-man said “we could still make [his name] out even though he blacked it out.”

When asked for a comment, Forest said that he was hoping to use this money to move to Florida, so he could live among all the other truly moronic wannabe-criminals of American society.

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it always baffled me how stupid people can be when doing this kind of stuff. i mean, seriously... he obviously had the forethought to scratch his name out, why didn't he just get a different piece of paper? these people could actually be considered dangerous if they had half a brain haha.