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Can you smell me now?

j-barrier.jpgThat fine specimen of Ohio man right there is Jeffrey Barrier. He was recently arrested for being a video-taking peeping tom at a tanning salon. Seems the fine Mr. Barrier traveled on over to Aloha Tanning, in Cincinnati, and climbed up on a chair to use his camera phone to snap some pictures of an unsuspecting and nekkid gal. He got busted and the cops showed up, but Barrier pleaded his innocence. A search found no camera, but oh no, them cops weren’t convinced.

So they searched again.

And found the phone stuffed up his ass.

While he’s been charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing an investigation, there are currently no charges for cruelty to cellphone.

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I'm still not convinced he's guilty. Maybe the guy was just talking out of his ass. I know lots of people like that.