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But your honors, it looks like a dead snail!

snail.jpgIn Minnesota, the Court of Appeals has ruled that a mother can’t sue the local hospital for medical malpractice just because she doesn’t like the way her son’s wee-wee looks following a circumcision.

Seems that mommy checked the “cut my son” box on her prenatal form, which of course gives the hospital authorization to remove his turtle neck. But her lawyer says she should’ve been consulted before the snip anyway because “isn’t the mom allowed to change her mind?”

Shut up, asshat. This simply sounds like a mother looking to get a payday off her poor kid’s little manhood (and she already settled her lawsuit with the doctor — a lawsuit claiming assault, battery and negligence — so she has probably already pocketed some coin she doesn’t deserve).

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I can't support her suing, but a second check seems like a good idea to me.

"Now let's see, just confirming that you'd like one of the first experiences of your newborn son to be genital mutilation, is that correct?"