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But your honor, they’re harmless. You might even say they’re greeeeeeeaaaaat!

tony-the-tiger.jpgEarlier this week, Michelle Ashton went before a judge to face a charge of interfering with public duties:

McAllen police saw her and four others gathering in the Wal-Mart parking lot on East Jackson. Court documents say the group then went to the Mervyn’s parking lot.
An officer spotted them moving large boxes to cars with Mexican plates. When the police officer questioned them, he heard strange animal noises.

Turns out Ashton and her pals were planning to sell some tiger cubs. She wasn’t actually arrested for that though — instead, she allegedly got disruptive and tried to interfere with the cops’ investigation and, thus, the interference charge. But don’t worry — the investigation has been taken up by Texas Parks & Wildlife, so I’m sure there are some more charges coming, because I can’t imagine possession of tiger cubs with intent to distribute is legal. …Although this is Texas we’re talking about. She’ll probably get charged with not shooting them!