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But some prisoners actually like the crotch-sniffing

vickMarshall.jpgLimerick Prison, on the other side of the pond in Ireland, has been dealing with a drug problem, like most prisons. To fight this problem, officials have employed the services of Rocky, a two-year-old black-and-white spaniel who’s got a nose for drugs. They let him sniff around in the prison visiting area, where most drugs come into the facility and since he’s been on the scene, Rocky has averaged 10 drug busts a day. This has resulted in prison visits dropping by 30% since he started his job, and the prison’s drug flow has been substantially slowed.

Inmates are so pissed off over Rocky’s success that they allegedly took the obvious course of action and placed a hit on Rocky.

Our crack team of QuizLaw reporters have learned that Mike Vick is already seeking extradition to Ireland so he can serve time in Limerick Prison. “I like the cut of those inmates’ jib,” Vick is reported to have said.