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But how else will our kids grow up to be gangsters?

saggy-pants.jpgYou gotta’ love city politics at work. In my hometown of Philly, it appears that the City Council actually passed a resolution banning the sale of toy guns. Now, it wasn’t binding, so I’m not sure why the local news is shocked — shocked, I say — to find that some toy stores have not removed their toy guns:

NBC 10’s Tim Furlong reports that “despite a September resolution from City Council asking stores to remove the guns from their shelves, some stores like KB Toys in the Franklin Mills Mall sell guns in all colors, shapes and sizes, including a realistic-looking machine gun and handgun purchased by Furlong.” Ooh, a toy gun sting operation!

But that’s just the cake of this story. The icing is that in nearby Wilmington, a City Councilman wants to ban sagging pants, proposing an ordinance which would fine people up to $250 for wearing baggy drawers. Councilman Mike Brown says: “Listen, I know under the first amendment everybody has their rights, but I have rights too.”

The right not to be visually offended by baggy pants? I must’ve missed that day of Con Law. (To be fair, I missed a lot of days of Con Law.)

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Why don't they just try banning black folk...seems to be what they're trying to do anyway. Gotta love the inginuity of the south...years after intergration they still find loopholes.

So sad...but those pants do look really stupid...

I'm black (from the West Indies) and I frickin hate that stupid baggy pants trend, which is pretty prevalent here in my country as well.