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BREAKING: California Supreme Court Upholds Discrimination

no-gay-marriage.jpgCalifornia’s high court has upheld last year’s passage of Proposition 8, meaning gay marriage is officially no longer legal in California. Because the gays getting married is what caused our state to be on the brink of financial ruin, don’t you know?

The Court was unpersuaded that the Prop needed to be a Constitutional Amendment. Comforting to know it’s that easy to get around that pesky equal protection clause.

The 18,000 gay marriages that took place before Prop 8 passed will remain in effect, however.

And this is but the latest example of why California’s fucking proposition-based government is awful and needs to be thrown out the window. Because the public is stupid and should not be allowed to legislate. Particularly when these props amount to little more than well-financed issue groups and self-interested companies and organizations manipulating the public to vote for things the public doesn’t really understand. Awesome system.

But now that the gays can’t marry, I think this state will be on the road to recovery! And don’t worry, gays, you can head off to New England and give those states your money, if this whole marriage thing is so important to you.

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OK gays, Canada it is. You can get married and smoke weed and pay taxes and have jobs and all the rest of that stuff that California doesn't want you to have.

I, like most people, originally assumed democratic integrity in the initiative process. However, in undergrad I read a book called Democratic Delusions: The Initiative Process in America by Richard J. Ellis (University Press of Kansas), which was an eye-opener in terms of the ways these so-called exercises in 'direct democracy' are actually tainted. The process is, indeed fucked.

I highly recommend this book, and I think it should be mandatory reading because I think the truth about initiatives needs to be spoken before people go to bat for something this tainted.

This socialist Canuck smoked weed at her gay friend's wedding last weekend. Huh, funny, it felt COMPLETELY NORMAL. Go figure.

Whatever dipshit wrote this article, I have no idea, but numbnuts, the Equal Protection clause doesn't say anything about protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation. Other factors like age age aren't protected either.

A little late to this particular party, but I agree with the upholding of the Proposition and still like the Prop system in California (which is about the only thing I like about that state).

What I find genuinely amusing is that it's okay for gays to marry in a state that allows it, then force a state that doesn't to recognize it when the move there, but everyone is up in arms when the gun lobby tries it. Guess the rabblerousers can't be bothered to stick up for that actual Constitutional right, eh?