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“Big Love,” meet reality

Big%20Love.jpgHBO’s great show “Big Love,” about a polygamist living with his three wives in a suburban Utah town, just started its second season on Monday night. (Spoiler alert - move on to the next paragraph if you haven’t seen it yet but plan to.) And the big cliffhange from Season One was that Bill Henrickson and his wives had been more-or-less outed. The issue was basically resolved in Monday’s episode after Henrickson met with the state attorney general (or a representative from the office) and was told that they wouldn’t be going after Henrickson. Basically, Bill was told, as long as you keep quiet and don’t take underage wives, we’ve got bigger things to worry about. Well it seems that fact and fiction are on the same basic page here.

Attorneys General in both Utah and Arizona have apparently said that they “had no intention of prosecuting polygamists unless they commit other crimes such as taking underage brides.” Arizona’s AG said, in what is a shocking sentiment to come from our government these days: “We are not going to go out there and persecute people for their beliefs.” Unsurprisingly, while polygamists welcome this stance, they are worried by the lack of any legal protection, meaning they could still be targets at any time.

(Hat tip to Concurring Opinions.)