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Baseball Cards Now $3 per pack; Suck

0131081inside1a.jpgI’m not a particularly old person; I came of baseball-card collecting age in the late 80s/early 90s, back when there was such a large influx of cards that they are all mostly worthless today. In my day, you could buy a pack of Topps baseball cards for $.40 and, if you were lucky, you got a Cal Ripken, Will Clark, or even a Mark McGwire rookie card (I also remember vividly snatching up all the Sam Horn and Mike Greenwell rookie cards I could find — what the hell was I thinking?)

Those were good times — nothing beat the thrill of opening up a brand new pack of cards and carefully scanning through to see if my favorite players (John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, Steve Avery) were included.

But now? $3 a pack. And you know what you’re likely to find in your baseball card packs? Mike Huckabee. Or Ron Paul. Or even Fred Thompson trading cards. That’s right: Topps, in their infinite (fucking) wisdom has decided to include a dozen cards featuring presidential candidates. Can you imagine ripping open a pack and frantically searching through for a Daisuke Matsuzaka card and running across a Hillary Clinton trading card? Oh, man: That’s enough to turn any kid to Yi-Gi-Oh cards.

Now, if there was an Obama girl card — that, I could get behind.

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Oh, man are you right. I remember going around looking for baseball cards at stores and card shows. A pack was cheap back then. Not anymore. Back then was the time when companies "suggested" to have limited amounts, but really left the presses running all night. Anyone care for Skybox basketball cards?

Skybox? A little past my youth. I remember it broke my heart when they took that powdery stick of gum out of the pack.

Lord, it's all over for me, isn't it?

Will Clark, swoon (well, as long as he didn't open his mouth)!

I still have a cigar box full of vintage 70s and 80s baseball cards in the back of a closet in my parents house. I remember being pretty excited to get a Pete Rose, good times.

The Skybox cards were an attempt to cash in on a "limited" edition "high end" card set. (note the use of " ") Unopened packs were going to sell for a lot when the demand went nuts. Fortunately, I spent less than $50 on this infatuation. Now I believe they are only useful for putting them into the spokes of little kids bicycles.

It doesn't matter because kids don't collect baseball cards anymore. And it's Yu-gi-oh (the awesomest card collecting game ever!!!!) not yi-gi-oh. Seriously, I really did get sucked into that game when my son started collecting yu-gi-oh cards.

But presidential candidate cards?! That's scarier than the serial killer card series they had awhile back.