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Barbie’s Dream House ain’t got nuthin on BarBe’s BBQ Joint

kts-bbq.jpgThis place right here is K.T.’s Barbecue, in Reading, Ohio. Dunno if the barbecue there is any good, but their new advertising is top notch. Owner Kenny Tessel was having trouble with business, which had dropped 40% thanks to the shitballs economy. So he decided to employ Ms. BarBe Q to advertise for his joint. The bikini-clad mannequin was placed out front, and business began a-booming. Understandable, because who wouldn’t stop at a food joint with a hottie-bo-bahty like this out front:


But some of the neighbors think its abhorrent. So a hearing was held before the local zoning panel, which ultimately ruled that BarBe could stay up, as long as her plentiful rack remains covered. K.T. plans to appeal the decision and says he’s putting her back in a bikini once it warms up.

Best thing about this story is that we get a picture like this: