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Barack Is Already Telling Lies … and It’s Getting Personal

barackpissed.JPGSo, I get the above email a couple of hours ago, and I’m feeling pretty goddamn special. Out of the millions of Barack Obama supporters, David Plouffe picked me to be the very first to know that, during the Democratic National Convention, Barack would be giving his acceptance speech in a stadium. I was even invited to be one of the 70,000 plus who would get a chance to see the speech in person.

Awesome, right?

Well, if I was meant to be the first to know the news, then why did the New York Times already know about it at 11:13 a.m. this morning?


Heads are gonna roll for this.

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What the hell? I didn't even get an e-mail, and that son of a bitch e-mails me at least twice a day.

Yep, I was also the first to know. At two different e-mail addresses to boot.

So now we're all as special as Scarlett Johannsen.