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Bar Exam Quote of the Day …

champnavy_hoodie.jpgI apologize to Lat, but I had to steal this from his comments section, which may be one of the most apt things I’ve ever read.

I’ve gone to both harvard and yale, and i must say this to every douchebag that wore a YALE or HARVARD shirt to BOTH days of the ny bar: seriously, you’re pathetic. i’m surprised you didn’t break out the cravath swag.
if i had to see one more giant blue YALE hoodie i was going to vomit and call dick levin myself and have him revoke all your god damned degrees.
and to the 25 guys wearing harvard university bright red shorts: you’re already fat. your asses just look like giant crimson targets in that shit. retch.

Otherwise, congrats to all those who are finally finished with the damn thing. At least until February. And to any of you who came out of the exam high-fiving, exclaiming, “That was easy!” Well: You’re doing it wrong, buddy. I don’t care who you are or what school you went to or how much you studied, if you thought the bar was easy, then you’re too fucking dumb to recognize everything you missed. And if you were doing it to overcompensate for your own inadequacy: Pull your head out of your ass. No one’s buying it.