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Bank Robbers: Officially the Dumbest Class of Criminal

12615794.jpgThis is why we don’t need a Dark Knight — bank robbers have absolutely no common sense:

Charleston City Police have arrested a man suspected of robbing the Federal Credit Union. Police say 41-year-old Carl Lee Mikell gave the teller a note demanding money that was written on the back of his cell phone bill!
Mikell is charged with entering a financial institution with the intent to steal. Police say he walked into the James Island bank around 9:30am Thursday and poured a flammable liquid on the carpet.

Also, I’d like to know what kind of dumbass tries to rob a bank by pouring flammable liquid on the carpet? What the hell is that supposed to accomplish? Oh No! There’s a robber! And he’s gonna torch the rug! Give him all the money!