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Athiests: 1; Christians: 0

hell-11g.jpgFaith in the Lord doesn’t always pay off:

An 82-year-old Alzheimer’s patient died after her caretaker went on a liquor run, according to police. Vicky Simpson, 52, has been charged with elderly abuse following the death of Vivian Howell over the weekend. Simpson left the elderly woman alone while she went to a liquor store, according to the arrest warrant. Investigators said Simpson brought the alcohol back to Howell’s house and started drinking.
The warrant states “As a result of the accused negligent actions the victim was later discovered in bed with injuries that required hospitalization and ultimately resulted in her death.” Simpson has a lengthy criminal record, and served time in jail in 2003 for beating her mother, but Howell’s family failed to run a background check on Simpson.
“She came across as a very loving and caring person,” said Howell’s daughter Charlotte Gilham. “Us being Christians we had no reason to question that.

On the bright side, Vivian Howell ascends straight to Heaven; Vicky Simpson spends 15 in the clink before being unceremoniously dumped into the eternal fires of damnation, which doesn’t have a liquor store.

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um, what? I think I missed the syllogism here someplace -- are you saying that Christians are too stupid to do background checks because they believe in Heaven, or are you saying that they'd be better off keeping liquor in the house because they don't do background checks on medical care workers?

I'm all for bashing moralistic morons, but I'd like to understand the point here.