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Are “sexual deviant” and “fraternity pledge” really mutually exclusive?

tuffle-shuffle.jpgSee? Stupid shenanigans don’t only happen in Florida (they just happen there with greater regularity), as this story comes from Newport Beach, California:

Police are looking for an overweight, unshaven man in his 30s who snuck into two unlocked homes recently to dance for their residents, claiming that it was a requirement of his fraternity’s scavenger hunt.
Around 10 a.m. Sunday, a woman living in the 1700 block of Marguerite Avenue went into her living room and found a man there who said he had to dance for her, said Newport Beach police Sgt. Evan Sailor.
The woman was alarmed and not sure how she should handle the situation.
After finishing his dance, the man hugged the woman and put his hand on her butt before leaving, Sailor said.
On April 12, a similar incident occurred in the 700 block of Begonia Avenue in Corona del Mar, where a man with a matching description told the resident that he was in a fraternity and had to dance for her, police said. He touched her hand before leaving.
Police believe the man is either a residential burglar or sexual deviant, Sailor said.

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Man, I gotta start leaving my door unlocked. All this time, I could have been getting in-home entertainment for FREE!

Fraternity pledge in his 30s? That alone is enough to give me the willies.