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Amen and Pass the Ammunition

Jesus gun NRA Christan from passtheammo.jpgWhat the hell is wrong with the Bible Belt? Giving away semi-automatic weapons to kids at a church event? Why? To shoot holes in Christ?

After one of its organizers suffered an injury, a church was forced to cancel a gun giveaway at a weekend youth event.
The Windsor Hills Baptist Church planned the giveaway as a way to draw new participants to the church’s annual youth conference.
The gun in question: an AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle.
Windsor Hills cancelled the giveaway Friday evening after announcing that Pastor Emeritus Jim Vineyard, who was running the event, had suffered a foot injury and would be unable to attend.
Ross said the gun, which had already been purchased for the event, will be given away at next year’s conference.

Oh, wait a second. They’re Baptists! Of course. That explains everything. Sorry I brought it to your attention.

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I had no idea Baptists listened to Serj Tankian. It's obviously the influence of his music at work here.

guess what - the Guns for Tots Giveaway is back on :

What better way to raise zealots than access to violence? That's what Jesus said anyway "Love your enemies...by shooting them or anyone who disagrees with you"

I know it's hardly the brightest idea a bunch of Christians have ever had -- but.... -- you gotta understand the cultural context: Hunting is a big deal in the south, and good equipment -- from deer blinds to a rifle is crazy expensive. Not the brightest idea, but not the dumbest either -- I know we can all come up with way dumber things that Christian culture has produced.

How old are the kids? Usually "youth event" denotes like the 15-18 age group. It's not as retarded as it sounds.

Granted, a semi-automatic assault rifle is a little over the top, but like Jenn said, that shit's expensive and hunting's a big sport down there.

My Aunt recently moved to West Virginia and was thrilled when she won a rifle at a community raffle. The punchline: my aunt is legally blind. Now THAT'S dumb.