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All he’s missing is a shark with lasers…

drevil.jpg Gajillionaire Henry T. Nicholas III is my new hero. Not only does he live in my neck of the woods (Orange County, CA) but the guy had a network of secret rooms and tunnels built into his Laguna Hills equestrian estate for the express purpose of indulging his alleged appetite for prostitutes and the drug Ecstacy.

But, the next time you decide to have someone build you a hidden debauchery lair … pay the people that built it. Oh, and have your assistant sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Nicholas allegedly used “manipulation, lies, intimidation and even death threats” to pressure “nearly every contractor and vendor” to do extra work without pay “at warp speed,” the Times said in citing court filings.

Kenji Kato, Nicholas’ previous assistant, filed suit last year for unpaid wages totaling $150,000 and echoed some of same things as the construction company that sued Nicholas: “Filings in the suit allege drug use and debauchery at a Newport Coast home owned by Nicholas, who denies the accusations.”

If you’ll excuse me folks, I have to go see a guy about a thing in a place. If you need me, I’ll be in Laguna Hills.