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All across the nation, we trust in defecation

four-dogs.jpgLast week, a North Carolina man was out for a nice leisurely drive in his black Camaro. But wouldn’t you know it, Josue Harrios-Coronilla swerved onto the wrong side of the road and wound up crashing into another guy’s yard. He apparently took off because, when the cops showed up, Herrios-Coronilla was nowhere to be found. But they did find some crushed bushes, the busted-up Camaro and a fence that said busted-up Camaro had plowed through.

But the homeowner owns four dogs so, wouldn’t you know, the cops also found a pile of dog shit with a nice fresh shoe print in it. So a cop followed the trail of poo that lead off from this pile, and while tracking the shit trail, a white van began driving toward the cop. He had it stop and when the van’s passenger got out, there was booze on his breath and shit on his shoes. So Herrios-Coronilla was arrested and charged with DUI and underage drinking (as he’s only 18).

I guess everything really does come down to poo: