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Ah-oooooo, werewolves of London Fond du Lac

wwolf.jpgWhat the hell is it about Wisconsin? I feel like there have been a lot of ridiculous stories coming out of that state lately, trumping the king state of ridiculousness (Florida). I ask this because it seems that the state may have a heretofore undisclosed werewolf problem.

Last Thursday, the cops received a call around 3 in the morning from a woman who said that a man had busted the deadbolt on her door and came into her apartment. That man was Robert Marsh, and for the past few days the woman had actually been letting Marsh stay with her, because he was a recently released convict who was homeless. So I guess she was doing him some charity.

Anyway, two other men pulled her free from Marsh, who she says was drunk and talking about how he was a werewolf and into some pagan witch-type shit. The cops eventually showed up and arrested Marsh, and he again told the cops that he was a werewolf and capable of changing his form. Which is obvious - the whole point of being a werewolf is being able to change one’s form.

The 39-year-old is now facing a slew of charges - criminal trespass, criminal damage to property, disorderly conduct and possession of pot - and his next court hearing is set for next Wednesday. Luckily, the last full moon was on March 3, so everyone should be relatively safe when Marsh shows up in the courtroom.

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I actually do not find this story strange at all. Do me a favor and check up on the "Bray Road Werewolf." There's quite a few urban legends associated with both werewolves and paganistic rituals in that part of the state. There are quite a few reportings of the Bray Road beast in the 70s, and quite a few more since 1999. The same areas also have reported instances of pagan rituals, sightings of bonfires in the woods, men dressed in all black, etc etc...

while this dude was probably pretty high during this encounter, his fabrication is probably based on these legends.

Last time I was in that area, I actually tried to stop in Delavan to pick up a Bray Road t-shirt or anything. From what I've heard, and anyone can refute this if from the area, but a lot of town folk are actually embracing this legend and trying to profit on it through merchandising. Even so much as landing some specials on Discovery Channel/History channel programs