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Ahhhh! Putin’s Head Enter’s Alaskan Airspace

putinairspace.jpgThere is nothing more terrifying than the thought of Putin’s head floating around in Alaskan airspace. I hope he can’t shoot lasers from his eyes. (Sorry about the image — I’m not exactly a Photoshop expert; it’s the best I can do).

Anyway, if you have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about, it’s only becaase you haven’t seen Sarah Palin’s catastrophic performance with Katie Couric last night.

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Holy shit! The more I see of this interview, the more I think she would be better off using that mash-up with the North Carolina "beauty queen": it would be more articulate than this crap.

I used to have a program called Comet Cursor that let you replace your mouse pointer arrow with anything. Mine was the floating head of Vladimir Putin for a long time. I hadn't thought about that in years...

My aunt, who is Russian, laughed so hard she cried whenever she used my computer.

Now we know why the GOP has kept her away from the press.

Looks like Tina Fey - talks like Ellie Mae.

So, I don't want her to be VP, but I also don't want her to fade back into obscurity after the election. This is just too much fun. Alaska needs to elect her to Congress!

That's like saying *I* have foreign policy experience because I live in texas, ehich is next door to Mexico! Her ineptitude is so funny it's scary!

@peachfish - Me too! I grew up next to Canada, so I can be vice president, right??

I tried watching the entire interview on CBS's website, but it hurt my head too much and I had to shut it off - I totally missed this part about Putin's head. HAHAHA

Well, since I was born and raised in Alaska and speak Russian fluently (I've been there. Twice), do you think I could be Secretary of State?

Please. If she sat across the table from Putin, she'd make wee-wee.

That was an atrocious interview and it's fun to watch the GOP implode. Sheesh! Could they make it any worse for themselves?

It reminds me of the character in Catch 22 who was so afraid of dying that he made his life miserable so it would SEEM longer.

By the way, How did you do on the Bar 3l?

I'll play too. I live in Niagara Falls, right on the US/Canada border. I also lived in Hokkaido, Japan and often visited the town of Wakkanai (at the northernmost tip of the island), from which I could clearly see Sakhalin Island, an inhabited part of Russia only 43km away.

So I've got twice the international experience that Palin has.

I sat through a few minutes of her trying to explain and rationlaize her absurd assertion, but my brain tried to crawl out of my earhole so I had to stop watching.

I am now restrained in a wetpack, fed through a tube, and the drugs make pretty colors dance on the ceiling.

I thought she sounded like a character in a Christopher Guest mockumentary. And so I don't know whether to giggle or be scared.

Dude, I live in southern California, which practically is Mexico, and I speak Spanish, and I've been to Asia and Europe, and I have a law degree to boot! I should be effin' Queen of the World!

p.s. to Bill,

The Bar wasn't as bad as I had feared, despite the bit of earthquake'age during the morning session of the first day. Results don't come out until Nov. 21 (56 days... not that I'm counting). If I pass, I'll let ya'll know. If I don't... well, let's not think about that now.

Oh, I can easily one-up ALL you bitches: I live in North Dakota. The state that a good majority of Americans think is actually in Canada. So obviously, I have the most foreign policy experience out of all y'all. Suck it! You too, Palin!! Nyah, nyah, fucking nyah, nyah, nyah.

Oh wow. I get it now. I hadn't actually seen video of her or heard a recording of her, so I didn't get it. But damn.

Thank Jesus the debate is going forward tonight. I'm looking forward to Obama saying lots of clever, charismatic things and winning over the Ole Miss crowd.

No, I win. I live in New Mexico. It's so 3rd world that it's been referred to as El Salvador with cable tv!

Most of you people are knuckleheads. I saw the interview. Whats the big deal with what she said. You people are looking for anything. Considering the treatment this woman has received, it is fair to say that we are in trouble. Not because of Sarah Palin but of people like you. We have become so split that as a country, not a political party, not a campaign, but as a country, we are in trouble. I can see that most of you are Obama supporters. The guy has questionable ties to certain people in his past. I can't bring myself to vote for someone like that. Barack doesn't have anymore experience than Sarah Palin. He is just a popular pick with no real qualities. It's scary that democrats can even put someone out there like him as a presidential canidate. Your candidate is proof enough of just how looney the left is.