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Adolescents Drinking the Obama Kool-Aid

Is this some sick joke? A bunch of kids, no doubt brainwashed by the DNC, have been forced probably against their will to sing unicorn songs about Barack Obama and hope and change. They are practically shitting rainbows.

Why does Barack Obama want to make all our children gay? Poor damn kids don’t even realize that, by the time they’re old enough to vote, there won’t be a United States left. The homosexuals will have taken over. It’ll be the United Gays of America and the right to a heterosexual marriage will be denied. Unless you’re into butt secks. Then yay! Free health care for you!

Seriously: Somebody sign these kids up for the NRA before it’s too late.

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You really lost my respect with those stupid comments.

Damn. Did I forget to use the sarcastic font again? -- DR

Shitting rainbows? Dustin, your son will be very proud of you when he's old enough to read!

I am a teacher, so I have built up some resistance to corny children's songs, etc... and I think this video gave me diabetes.

DR...I forgive you.