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Abracadabra … Marthastewart Lawsuit!

gob-magician.jpgMartha is being sued by a magician who is also a hand model. Actually, he’s suing some of her companies, because he bought a Martha Stewart Everyday lounge chair and, when he was moving it on his deck last year, the chair collapsed. And sliced of a hunk of an index finger. Good times.

While the tip was reattached and he’ll be able to continue his hand modeling ways, he’s gotta wait until he’s fully healed. And thanks to decreased sensation and function, he says his magician career may be truly impacted.

Plus he may have trouble playing the banjo.

I want to make fun of this guy. Hand model, magician, banjo player. But then I remember he’s suing Martha, and I can’t mock anyone suing Martha.

Plus, because he’s a banjo player, I have an excuse to post this:

And this:

And this (my favorite Bela Fleck song):

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Seth, I doubt that Barbado Slim frequents Quizlaw, so in honor of him:

"(my favorite Bela Fleck song)"

to which I say, "Hippie!"

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