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A QuizLaw Story Update – Let Us Help You Help Yourself

dry-cleaning2.jpgLast week, we told you about the beyond-ludicrous lawsuit of Roy Pearson Jr. - lawyer and administrative judge - who is seeking $65 million over a lost pair of pants. Well Sherman Joyce, president of the American Tort Reform Association, has stepped up to the plate in response to the widespread news coverage of this story:

Since my organization, the American Tort Reform Association, works to limit this kind of abusive litigation that so hinders small and large businesses alike, we’re offering to raise the necessary funds to buy Pearson a high-quality suit of his choosing if he’ll just do the right thing [and dismiss this lawsuit].

It may not be $65 million, but it still sounds like a win, particularly when you remember the fact that the dry cleaner found the lost pants.

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Seeing as how the defendants have offered up to $12,000 to settle it, I doubt he's going to be swayed by this offer, sadly. What I want to know is whose going to pay the defendants' legal bills? (Actually, I want to know why this hasn't been dismissed yet.)