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A man rolls into a bar…

two-beers.jpgIn Georgia, Robert Gibson was recently arrested for a DUI. When the cops pulled the 59-year-old over, they say his speech was slurred, his eyes were bloodshot, and his shirt was slobbered-on. Gibson was taken to the hospital and apparently had a hefty blood alcohol level of .405.

The thing of it is, though, this arrest is unfair as shit. And that’s because Gibson is crippled, and his DUI wasn’t for driving a car, but for being in his motorized wheelchair. I mean, dude can’t ever get good and trashed if he’s going to get a DUI every time he just tries to get home by his own version of walking (and you can’t expect a dude with a .4 BAC to manually roll himself home, you know?). That’s some bullshit.

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Do they suspend your wheelchair license for that?

A wheelchair-bound 80 lb friend of mine got arrested for DUI when the campus cops got him doing wheel chair donuts in the dorm's parking lot. He got smashed all the time but it was the first time he got in trouble for it.

A bar is the counter at which drinks are mixed by a bartender, mainly in hotels, taverns, and pubs. This term is applied as a synecdoche to drinking establishments called bars.