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A lawsuit involving Josh Hartnett that isn’t about his terrible acting is a waste of the pleading paper it’s printed on

josh-hartnett.jpgJosh Hartnett is suing the Daily Mirror, a British paper, because of a story it printed earlier this month about him allegedly getting frisky with a gal in a London hotel library and being filmed in the act. Seems that Hartnett thinks that tales of him boffing chicks is defamatory, and he not only wants money, but a public apology.

As our dear friends over at IDLYITW put it:

I tried to figure out why somebody would make up a story about Josh Hartnett having sex in public, because really, it’s Josh Hartnett. Who cares. If you’re gonna make up a story, go all out, man. Like Ron Howard has a private island where he breeds sex slaves for Tom Hanks.

Seriously. I mean, yeah, a Hartnett sex story may sell a couple of papers. But Tom Hanks and sex slaves? Those newstands will be empty before folks finish their morning coffee.

And speaking of sex slaves, have I ever mentioned that I once lived in an apartment complex that the FBI raided because there was a major international sex slave thing going on? Stay classy LA!