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A Heartwarming Tale About Rat Feces

02_rats_wild.jpgSometimes, just as you are about to lose faith in humanity, somebody comes along and gets a man his $1,000 in rat-shit covered $20 bills:

A southeast Missouri man is expected to be reimbursed for about $1,000 in bills that had been munched on by rodents. He had left the $20 bills in an unzipped vinyl bag on a desk at his home, and it was misplaced during the ice storm last winter and the flooding in March. He eventually found the bag, and in August took it to First Missouri State Bank in Jackson in hopes of covering his losses.
Bank manager Michelle Johns said Wednesday she and two staffers picked through rodent droppings and bird feathers and reassembled the bills. “With that mess, I didn’t know if we could do anything with it,” Johns said. The U.S. Mint advised Johns that both sets of serial numbers printed on the bills must be complete to get reimbursement. Johns said mint officials instructed her to send the reassembled bills — and the feces and feathers — to them in Washington, D.C.

Awwwwww. That’s almost inspiring.

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What I'd like to know is why'd he have $1000 worth of 20s lying around his house in a bag?

When I was a teller I was always told that the law said you needed one complete serial and (I believe) 2/3 of the second in order to exchange 'mutlilated' currency.

Yet another good reason to never ever put currency in your mouth. *shudders*