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5th Period Inadvertently Turns Into a Lesson on Torture Porn

captivity-movie-poster.jpgHey Teach! Next time you decide to watch torture porn on your computer, while sitting in front of your classroom, try to remember to disconnect it from the projector. You pud.

Phoenix police are investigating a Phoenix photography teacher after some high school students reported that he played pornographic videos during class, reported ABC15, NewsChannel5’s sister station …
She said the teacher had connected his personal computer to a projector screen for a photography lesson.
That’s when students said the teacher began viewing the videos.
“He forgot the projector screen was turned on and he started watching porn and we were all just like sitting there shocked that he was watching this in front of the class.”
Students said they did try to signal the teacher but he never looked up from his computer.
“He was just all into it, I don’t even think he was paying attention to us, he was just all in his computer. We were making comments like ‘Wow, what is he watching?’ and that kind of stuff but I think he was too into it to even notice.”

Well, at least he kept on his pants. It’s the small victories, really.