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50 Cent Ain’t Got Nothing on Joshua Bush

bmpopcds12.jpgWeeks don’t get much worse than the one 17-year-old Joshua Bush must have had. The Texas teen is facing attempted murder charges for his alleged involvement in an East Texas used-car lot burglary. Allegedly, Bush and some gang members attempted to shoot the lot owner when they were escaping with a few cars.

Unfortunately for Bush, the lot’s owner – Alan Olive – is a competitive target shooter. Olive allegedly shot Bush in between the eyes, lodging a bullet into his skull.

Lesson learned? Never fuck with a Texan; they own guns, and they can shoot dumb sons of bitches dead.

The good news for Bush was that the bullet, miraculously, didn’t kill him. The bad news, however, is that prosecutors are attempting to compel Bush to remove the bullet from his head, which they allege will tie Bush to the scene of the crime, making their attempted murder case a might bit stronger.

Bush, however, is having none of it. He says the bullet was a stray, which struck him in the head while he was sitting on his couch (he must have been watching “COPS” on one of those newfangled super-duper hi-def televisions).

You figure Bush has gotta want to get that hunk of metal out of his brain, and so, through his attorney, he offered to allow prosecutors to remove the bullet, but only if they agree not to pursue attempted murder charges and pick up the bill. Prosecutors are considering the offer, but have run into another obstacle: The bone has grown around the bullet, and removing the bullet may threaten Bush’s life. They are having a difficult time finding a medical establishment willing to take the risk.

You just have to think, though, that Bush is a rock star to all his fellow gang members right now. 50 Cent may have taken a couple of bullets to the jaw and the leg — but this guy has a goddamn 9mm slug in his skull, man. That’s street cred, motherfuckers.

(Hat Tip: How Appealing)

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Such cursing! You seem like such a nice boy, are the swears really necessary?

you are a bitch
you dont even know josh