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Where can I find my state’s probate code?

Alabama - You can find Alabama’s probate code, the Uniform Simultaneous Death Act, and laws regarding estate administration and escheat in Title 43 of the Code of Alabama.

Alaska - You can find Alabama’s laws regarding probate, estates and trusts in Title 13 of the Alaska Statutes.

Arizona - You can find Arizona’s laws regarding trusts and estates in Title 14 of the Arizona Revised Statutes.

Arkansas - You can Arkansas’ laws regarding wills and estates in Title 28 of the Arkansas Code.

California - You can find California’s trusts and estates law in the California Probate Code.

Colorado - You can find Colorado’s trust and estates law in Title 15 of the Colorado Revised Statutes.

Connecticut - You can find Connecticut’s probate code in Titles 45 and 45a of the General Statutes of Connecticut.

Delaware - You can find Delaware’s estates law in Title 12 of the Delaware Code.

District of Columbia - You can find D.C.’s estate laws in Division III of the District of Columbia Official Code.

Florida - You can find Florida’s trusts and estates laws in Title XLII of the Florida Statutes.

Georgia - You can find Georgia’s probate code in Title 53 of the Official Code of Georgia.

Hawaii - You can find Hawaii’s probate code in Chapter 560 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes.

Idaho - You can find Idaho’s probate code in Title 15 of the Idaho Statutes.

Illinois - You can find Illinois’ trusts and estates laws in Chapters 755 and 760 of the Illinois Statutes.

Indiana - You can find Indiana’s probate laws in Title 29 of the Indiana Code.

Iowa - You can find Iowa’s probate laws in Title XV, Subtitle 4 of the Iowa Code.

Kansas - You can find Kansas’ probate code in Chapter 59 of the Kansas Statutes.

Kentucky - You can find Kentucky’s trusts and estates laws in Titles XXXIII and XXXIV of the Kentucky Revised Statutes.

Louisiana - You can find Louisiana’s trusts and estates laws in Title 9 of the Louisiana Laws.

Maine - You can find Maine’s trusts and estates laws in Titles 18-A and 18-B of Maine Revised Statutes.

Maryland - You can find Maryland’s trusts and estates laws in the Estates and Trusts division of the Maryland’s Statutes.

Massachusetts - You can find Massachusetts’ trusts and estates laws in Title II of the General Laws of Massachusetts.

Michigan - You can find Michigan’s estates and probate laws in Chapters 700 to 720 of the Michigan Compiled Laws.

Minnesota - You can find Minnesota’s probate laws in Chapters 524 to 532 of the Minnesota Statutes.

Mississippi - You can find Mississippi’s trusts and estates laws in Title 91 of the Mississippi Code.

Missouri - You can find Missouri’s trusts and estates laws in Title XXXI of the Missouri Revised Statutes.

Montana - You can find Montana’s trusts and estates laws in Title 72 of the Montana Code (at the time of this publication the Montana Code is not available online).

Nebraska - You can find Nebraska’s probate code in Chapter 30 of the Nebraska Statutes.

Nevada - You can find Nevada’s probate code in Title 12 of the Nevada Revised Statutes.

New Hampshire - You can find New Hampshire’s probate code in Title LVI of the New Hampshire Revised Statutes.

New Jersey - You can find New Jersey’s estate laws in Titles 3A and 3B of the New Jersey Statutes.

New Mexico - You can find New Mexico’s trusts and estates laws in Chapters 45 and 46 of the New Mexico Statutes.

New York - You can find New York’s trusts and estates laws in the Estates, Powers and Trusts (EPT) division of the New York State Laws.

North Carolina - You can find North Carolina’s estates laws in Chapters 28A through 31C of the North Carolina Statutes.

North Dakota - You can find North Dakota’s probate code in Chapter 30.1 of the North Dakota Century Code.

Ohio - You can find Ohio’s probate code in Title XXI of the Ohio Revised Code.

Oklahoma - You can find Oklahoma’s probate code in Title 58 of the Oklahoma Statutes.

Oregon - You can find Oregon’s probate code in Chapters 111 to 118 of the Oregon Revised Statutes.

Pennsylvania - You can find Pennsylvania’s probate code in Title 20 of the Pennsylvania Code (which is not available online at the time of this publication).

Rhode Island - You can find Rhode Island’s probate code in Title 33 of the Rhode Island General Laws.

South Carolina - You can find South Carolina’s probate code in Title 62 of the South Carolina Code of Laws.

South Dakota - You can find South Dakota’s estate laws in Chapters 29 through 30 of the South Dakota Codified Laws.

Tennessee - You can find Tennessee’s trusts and estates laws in Titles 30 to 32 and 35 of the Tennessee Code.

Texas - You can find Texas’ estates laws in the Probate Code of the Texas Statutes.

Utah - You can find Utah’s probate code in Title 75 of the Utah Code.

Vermont - You can find Vermont’s trusts and estates laws in Title 14 of the Vermont Statutes.

Virginia - You can find Virginia’s estates laws in Title 64.1 of the Code of Virginia.

Washington - You can find Washington’s trusts and estates laws in Title 11 of the Revised Code of Washington.

West Virginia - You can find West Virginia’s trusts and estates laws in Chapters 41 through 44 of the West Virginia Code.

Wisconsin - You can find Wisconsin’s probate laws in Chapters 851 through 879 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

Wyoming - You can find Wyoming’s estate laws in Title 2 of the Wyoming Statutes.