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What is toxic mold?

Mold is a form of fungus frequently found in moist, warm environments. Most types of mold found are not harmful; however, certain toxic molds such as aspergillus, penicillium, and Toxic Mold atra can cause illness. Black mold can even cause death, especially to children who are susceptible to allergies; black mold is most commonly found in parts of the US that used foam board insulation with no air space to let walls breath, creating a happy space for black mold. Black mold also grows in damp places on materials that contain cellulose such as wood, carpet, cardboard, wallpaper, wet leaves, hay, and straw. If your house contains mold, you should contact your insurance company, which should cover the costs of inspection and repair. If your insurance company fails to do so, you should bring a lawsuit to compel payment - usually, you should do so within the statute of limitations in your state (usually, one to three years). If you have been harmed by toxic mold, you may also attempt to bring lawsuits against your landlord, the people who sold you your house, the contractors responsible for building your house, or even the manufacturers of the supplies.