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What is the Medtronics recall?

In February 2005, Medical device maker Medtronic began warning doctors about some faulty batteries installed in a line of its implantable heart defibrillators manufactured prior to 2003; according to the FDA, these devices may exhibit a shorting action. Potentially affected models are the Marquis(tm) VR/DR and Maximo(tm) VR/DR ICDs and the InSync I/II/III Marquis(tm) and InSync III Protect(tm) CRT-D devices. The Medtronic problem involves batteries that can lose all power in just a matter of days - batteries are supposed to last several years. Medtronic has found defects in several devices out of 87,000 inspected. If you (or a loved one) have suffered injuries as a result of Medtronic devices, you may qualify for a lawsuit claim. Contact a local attorney immediately.