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What is the law on mesothelioma (asbestosis)?

Mesothelioma is the fast-acting, incurable cancer that is triggered by exposure to asbestos that affects (along with other asbestos-related complications) around 2,000 people a year. Mesothelioma (or asbestos) litigation has exploded of late, but the process tends to be long and tedious, mostly because proving exposure to asbestos is difficult, because most cases of exposure happened 30 to 50 years ago, when asbestos was still commonly used; this is because mesothelioma symptoms can take up to 50 years to appear.

The crucial issues involved in mesothelioma litigation is when the victim was exposed, what the products were, and what were the companies responsible, a daunting task considering the number of companies that have been bought out by other companies or have gone under in the meantime. The mesothelioma victim also has to prove that the company in question willfully or negligently allowed their employees to be exposed to asbestos, despite the risks involved.
Because of the number of mesothelioma lawsuits, and the experience companies have had defending themselves, hiring a mesothelioma attorney is imperative.