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What are birth injuries?

Unfortunately, many children suffer birth injuries, and while many are an unfortunate and unexplained consequence of giving birth , in other instances, a doctor or other medical provider could be liable. Some birth injuries include swollen scalp, Erb’s Palsy, paralysis, broken collar or shoulder bones, or even cerebral palsy resulting from lack of oxygen to the baby during the birthing process. Proving birth injuries were the cause of medical errors, however, can be a very difficult task; not all birth injury cases, unfortunately, will have a definitive cause. Nevertheless, because of the nature of a birth injury, which affects a child for life, damages in birth injury lawsuits can be very high; often in the millions, because they take into account a lifetime of medical expenses, loss of earnings capacity, and pain and suffering to the family, as well as punitive damages.

If you believe your baby was born with a birth injury because of preventable errors, you may qualify for a claim against your medical provider, OB/GYN, assisting nurses, or even the hospital. You should contact a lawyer immediately, keeping in mind that birth injury lawsuits have strict statute of limitations, which differ in each state.