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How do I prove fault?

Fault can be proven through several types of evidence. First of all, a police report is probably the most crucial evidence - it gives the officer’s account of the incident and, often, his/her opinion on whom was at fault. Also, if someone committed a traffic violation, that will be included in the police report and traffic violations usually provide strong evidence of fault.

There are other instances, as well, in which fault is relatively easy to prove or disprove. For instance, in a rear-end accident it is almost always the fault of the person who did the rear-ending because of laws which require drivers to stay a safe distance away from cars in front. Nevertheless, even in rear-end collisions, you can be partially at fault if your own carelessness led to the collision (stopping suddenly for no reason, for instance). Likewise, a car making a left turn is nearly always at fault if it collides with a driver going straight, unless the car going straight was speeding or ran a light.