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What is legal when advertising for an employee?

When putting out an advertisement, either through a classified ad in your local newspaper or on a employment recruiting website like Monster.com, employers should be careful to avoid language that discriminates by age, gender, race, religion, national origin, or disability, and - in some states - marital status and sexual orientation. So, one should be careful when advertising for “young,” or “strong” workers, because that can run afoul of discrimination laws. There is never any reason for an ad to specify a gender, indicate age bias, and physical ability. Also, if you specify a salary, be prepared to pay that salary: classified ads can be considered valid contracts. Government contractors are also required to add “Equal Opportunity Employer,” in job ads. Also note that, if you are using word of mouth to advertise for an employee, it is wise to ensure that “word of mouth” reaches members of all gender and racial categories, otherwise you may run afoul of the EEOC.