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What medical and dental expenses can be included in the medical deduction?

In general, you can deduct any medical and dental expenses you paid for you in the year 2006, regardless of when you actually received the medical or dental services. The list of expenses which qualify for deduction is extensive. You should review IRS Publication 502, for a more complete listing, but some of the expenses which may be deducted include:

1. Fees and costs for professional medical and dental services, including things like the costs of treatment and hospital fees.

2. Costs for any food and lodging provided by a hospital or treatment facility while you were there receiving medical treatment.

3. Costs of transportation to and from medical care.

4. Costs for treatment at a rehabilitation facility for alcohol or drug addiction.

5. Costs for psychiatric and psychological treatments.

6. Costs for periodic physical and dental examinations.

7. Cosmetic surgery that is medically necessary.

8. Medication and drugs which can only be obtained with a prescription (the only exceptions to this are that insulin may be claimed and medical marijuana may not be claimed).

9. Hearing aids, glasses and contact lenses.

10. Your health insurance premiums (but only those premiums you actually paid for).

11. Programs and treatment to help you quit smoking, as well as prescription nicotine withdrawal drugs (but not over-the-counter nicotine patches or gums).

12. Exercise and weight programs that are recommended by a doctor for a specific condition, such as obesity or hypertension (but not those that are just for your general health).

13. Legal abortions.