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What is an annulment?

An annulment dissolves a marriage; however, unlike a divorce, an annulment treats a marriage as though it never happened, and is a popular option for those who would rather clear their permanent record of its existence. Annulments also make it easier on many persons who would otherwise have a more difficult time remarrying in a church. In most states, annulments are allowed on the following grounds: 1) refusal/inability to consummate the marriage; 2) fraud (as in concealing one’s ability to birth a child); 3) concealment (as in, concealing one’s alcohol or drug abuse; or 4) a misunderstanding. The Roman Catholic church also offers religious annulment after a civil divorce. In general, annulments occur shortly after the marriage began, where there are no assets or children to worry about. In longer marriages that are annulled, state laws dictate the distribution of property and support payments.