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How does mediation work?

Here’s how mediation works: In general, both spouses will initially sit down and write out their goals, noting specifically what problems you anticipate where custody and support are concerned. You will probably then need to state your financial information in a sworn statement. The mediator will then examine the issues and determine how far apart the spouses are. From there, the mediator will work close to divide the assets and establish support payments. If, however, one spouse doesn’t like the way that mediation is going, he or she has every right to consult with an attorney. Once all the issues are settled, the mediator will write out a divorce settlement, which will need to be looked over by an attorney. Once it has, each spouse will be asked to sign the agreement and submit it to a court. However, if you do not like the agreement, you do not have to sign it. Consult your attorney at every step of the way.