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Who is an accomplice?

An accomplice is a person who helps someone else carry out a crime, even if the accomplice doesn’t actually take part in the crime. For instance, if you knew that someone wanted to blow up your neighbor’s garage because he has a better sports car, and you bought the dynamite, you’d be an accomplice to the crime even if you didn’t actually light the fuse or even if you weren’t at the crime scene. There are other, lesser ways, you can also be an accomplice: For instance, if you knew your friend was going to blow up that garage and you babysat for him, knowing that he would use that time without a child to blow up the garage, you could still be convicted as an accomplice.

However, to be convicted as an accomplice, you do need to have knowledge; in other words, if you babysat your friend’s child while he went and blew up the garage and thought that he was only going on a hot date, then you wouldn’t be guilty as an accomplice.