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What form must the copyright notice be?

For any “visually perceptible copy” of a work (a book, a film, a music sheet, etc.), there are three things that must be included with the copyright notice. First you must include either the word “Copyright,” the abbreviation “Copr.” or the (c) symbol. Second you must include your name (the name of the copyright owner). Third, you must include the year the work was first published. Where the work is a phonorecord embodying a sound recording, the same rules apply except that the (P) symbol should be used in place of the (c) symbol. Oftentimes, a phonorecord (such as a C.D.) will actually use both the (P) and the (c) notices - the (P) notice would be used for the actual audio recording while the (c) symbol would be used for the musical work (the lyrics and composition of the songs).

Finally, while notice does not have to go on an unpublished work, such as the draft of a book given to an editor, it is a good idea to do so anyway, using the above rules but also including the phrase “unpublished work” before the notice.