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Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work Part XIV

Christmas-Snoopy-Lights-Tree.jpgI’m not sure if I find it more surprising that nine House members voted against a resolution in support of Christmas, or that the fucking House of Representatives took up considerable time and expense to vote on a goddamn resolution “recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith.”

What the hell is the point in that, huh? Is this Congress’ way of pulling out its Christmas dick and waving it around to prove its Christmas spirit? Come on. Give me a break. Like it’d kill them to vote for something that actually mattered. Is that resolution recognizing the importance of Christmas gonna feed children, build roads, or fund research? No. It means absolutely nothing. Thanks, Congress! Thanks for rewarding me for standing in line for an hour in the miserable November cold to vote for your dumb ass. You’ve done us proud. Real proud.