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You mean a Bush lackey lied? I don’t believe it!

gonzales.jpgSalon’s Joe Conason has published a great little editorial entitled “Alberto Gonzales must go.” It’s a damning call to arms against the attorney general, detailing some of the bold-faced lies and misrepresentations he made during his nomination hearings and since. It also explains why he’s a lap-dog who never should’ve been confirmed in the firstplace:

Yet none of this is truly surprising from Gonzales, who can always be counted upon by the White House to do whatever George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove want done. His willingness to serve as the ultimate yes man is exactly what made him suited to serve this president in the first place. And it is why he never should have been confirmed as attorney general, a position that requires independence and integrity more than mere loyalty to the boss.

It’s a good read, worth five minutes of your time.