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Wow…I mean…like…wow…

scumbum.jpgSo there was this great big fat woman in a Michigan town. Her name is not publicly known right now, to protect her daughter’s identity. This gem of a lady decided to get her some of the gastric bypass surgery. All apparently went well and she landed herself a new boyfriend, one Michael J. Fitzgibbon, who lived just doors away. But she had to go back in for a follow-up surgery to remove her sagging skin, and this was a problem for her. It would appear that her wonderful new boyfriend is relatively insatiable, and she was concerned that Fitzgibbon would leave her if he didn’t have someone to have sex with while she recovered from the skin-removal surgery. So she entered into a contract with the man and her 15-year-old daughter. A contract whereby her daughter would be rewarded with things like body piercings, underwear and new clothes for every time she had sex with the boyfriend.

Yes, this scumbum mother whored her daughter out to keep her man happy. The daughter, for her part, was understandably not pleased with this situation, but very much wanted things like a belly-button ring and new clothes and the right for her own boyfriend to be able to spend the night (another “privilege” she could earn under the contract). And this slimeball piece of shit Fitzgibbon apparently understood the daughter’s lack of desire, boozing her up with wine first and allowing her to wear a black mask so she didn’t have to look at him during the act (and look at that picture of him up there - you wouldn’t want to look at him and his porn ‘stache either).

This all apparently went on for several weeks before the girl finally crumbled and let a relative in on what was going on. After this asshole was arrested, investigators learned of new allegations that he was also getting a 12-year-old to sleep with him in exchange for cigarettes. Needless to say, this dickwad is facing six counts of criminal sexual conduct relating to this “contract,” and there are six more pending from the investigation of the situation with the 12-year-old. The mother is also facing three counts of criminal sexual conduct of her own.

Despicable. Utterly fucking despicable.

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Wow. You can't even make things up that are this horrible.
Are they eligible for the death penalty or will they just get shanked in prison?

Nina G...the death penalty only applies in cases where the victim has died. It does not, unfortunately, apply to situations like this.

HOWEVER, thankfully, this bloated sack of shit will likely get what he deserves when he goes to prison...which is either a large horny cellmate with a body odor problem, or a melted and sharpened toothbrush to the gut.

So foul, so utterly foul. This "mother" disgusts me more than anything. She has single-handedly managed to destroy her child's mental health. I hope the rest of her life is filled with physical pain and utter loneliness. I hope her bypass ruptures. May she never have another word spoken to her in kindness. What a sick cow. There are simply not enough bad things to say...

Oh, and that guy... toothbrush to the gut is too fast. He deserves three large horny cellmates who get to trade off days, with one group day a week. Assholes.

Nina G said
1) "You can't even make things up that are this horrible. "
Sure you can. Do you want me to make up something horrible? Haven't you seen the movie / DVD "The Aristocrats"? The entire thing is made up, including a dry commentary by Sarah Silverman who tells a joke as if it were a traumatic event that she has grown to accept.
2) "Are they eligible for the death penalty or will they just get shanked in prison?" Would you like to have vigilante justice? Are you saying you would want the fellow prisoners to decide whether to "shank"(stab) the people in jail? Should they be stabbed once, or every few days? That is the type of violence (you are recommending) that used to have white people lynch black people, who were sometimes guilty of crimes. But sometimes they were innocent. That's why we have rules of law, and courts, etc. Street justice is no justice.

So, Nina G, please think before you make such lame comments.

How awful. I hope 15 year old girl gets to live with some decent relatives. I wonder if her boyfriend or anyone at school knew what was going on. I'm actually surprised a mother so vile wouldn't allow her teenage daughter's boyfriend to stay the night prior to... well, that.