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Why does everyone have to play a game of one-up?

principal.jpgYesterday, Dustin told you about the Michigan man accused of scrumping a dead dog, a week post-mortem, perhaps in an attempt to one-up the Wisconsin man from last November who was caught piddling a dead deer. Well that game of one-upmanship is nothing!

In Monday’s Daily Memo I mentioned a Florida middle-school principal who got busted for buying crack from an undercover cop in his office. Well now it’s the same story out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - another middle-school principal busted on drug charges. The only differences are that it wasn’t crack - it was crystal meth - and he wasn’t busted for buying drugs, he was busted for dealing!

Seems that the local cops got a call from a tipster earlier this month that the principal, 50-year-old John Acerra, was using and dealing drugs. On Tuesday, the cops sent the tipster/informant in to buy some meth from Acerra, and then the cops came in and busted the principal, with the meth still sitting out on his desk.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you John Acerra - your middle-school principal of the year!

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How could you neglect to mention that he was nekkid when he was busted and he had gay porn on his computer screen. What schools did you kids go to?