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Who’s got time to run when there’s drinking to be done?

drinking.jpgFrom Florida, of course:

A man who tried to rob a convenience store and made off with two bottles of beer didn’t make it far — sheriff’s deputies found him sitting on the bench outside the store with the booze.
The suspect came into a Chevron in Deltona shortly after 3:30 a.m. on Saturday and tried to buy two beers, Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said. The clerk told the man that liquor laws prohibit the sale of alcohol between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. but the suspect walked behind the counter, shoved the clerk and told him he would kill him if he didn’t turn over all of the money, authorities said.
The suspect put his hand under his sweatshirt to imply he had a gun, but the clerk refused to give him money. The suspect shoved the clerk one more time, grabbed the beer and walked out of the store, the sheriff’s office said.
The clerk called 911 and deputies arrived about three minutes later. Xavier Sierra, a 22-year-old Deltona resident, was still sitting outside the store with his beer. He didn’t have a weapon, authorities said. He was charged with robbery and resisting an officer without violence and is being held at the Volusia County jail in Daytona Beach on $5,500 bond.

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Wow, you can buy alcohol in stores until 3am in Florida?