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Where Would the Legal System be Without Stupid People?

Pizza-hut-logo.jpgSo, this lady out in Illinois is leaving a Pizza Hut, right? And being the chivalrous feminist that she is, she decides to open the door for another customer, Clarence Jackson. And I guess that Jackson got a little hasty with the door; he grabbed it in “such a fashion that it caused the door to suddenly and sharply move,” which — from my understanding — is what a door should do.

But the poor woman, Amanda Verett, claims that the sudden movement of the door caused her injury. And then, a few weeks later, on account of the injury she sustained in the Pizza Hut incident, she couldn’t avoid a fall, which caused all sorts of tendon damages and disfigurement.

So, what does she do? She sues Pizza Hut, of course. And the gentleman who grabbed the door. For $150,000.

She claims Jackson violated his duty to use ordinary care for the safety of others when he operated the Pizza Hut door which caused her to sustain an acromion process impingement in her right shoulder …

Verett claims Pizza Hut was negligent by maintaining a door for ingress and egress which was not reasonably safe and was likely to injure people when being held open and grabbed by another.

Clearly, there was an obvious failure to warn issue here. There is no doubt, at least in my mind, that Pizza Hut had a duty to post signs near that murderous door, reading in bold type on a bright yellow background: Beware of Door! Open Door at Own Risk. Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Open Door for Someone Else. It May Lead to Serious Injury.

Cities and counties should also be forced to post signs henceforth as well, reading: Do Not Walk in Rain – May Lead to Wetness.

Unsurprisingly, the plaintiff in this case is a lawyer. (Hat Tip to Overlawyered)

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I just hurt my index finger while typing on my keyboard. I was typing a blog entry about this post. What is your legal opinion on suing the woman who is suing Pizza Hut? Do I have a case? What an idiot!

Personally, if someone ripped the door out of my hand, and ripped up my shoulder requiring surgery, I'd be a little pissed as well. Most likely, the guy that did it, will blame the pizza hut, saying something is wrong with the door. By also suing pizza hut, this lady lets pizza hut explain why the door was fine, and the guy was an ass, while the guy blames pizza hut, and the jury decides. Thats just how lawsuits work. Anyone that does not know that, is an idiot.