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Where Are the all the Sour Grapes?

When your team wins the Super Bowl, or the World Series, or the Stanley Cup, half the fun has always been in the camera shots of the opposing team’s dugout. Man: There is nothing more satisfying than watching a New York Yankee or a New England Patriot cry. And then get all blame-y, and finger point-y. It’s so much fun!

So, in that spirit, I searched the nets this morning for McCain supporters, for Fox News pundits, and right-wing nutjobs puking up their sour grapes. For a few minutes, at least, I wanted to smugly bask in their misery.

But I couldn’t find any such videos. I found several videos from Republican pundits talking about what went wrong, what they needed to do to regain power, and where the future of the Republican party was. But no one on the right was crying foul. No one was crying in their Cheerios. Or talking about how awful the next four years are gonna be. They were strangely conciliatory. Even Karl fucking Rove.

McCain gave one helluva nice concession speech last night — probably the best speech of his campaign, ironically. And I honestly think that the Republicans took his cue. In the days to come, no doubt, they’ll crawl out of the woodwork. Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, and Seam Hannity aren’t going to disappear just because we elected a Democrat. But maybe we’ve silenced them for a few hours. Or maybe — just maybe — deep down they’re not that upset about the defeat of McCain. Maybe a few of them even got caught up in the elation of this historic moment. Maybe they don’t think our country is going immediately into the toilet, after all.

Hey! Anything is possible. After all, we just elected a black man to the highest office in the land.

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You want to see sour grapes? You should check out my facebook page. (Yes, I fully realize how young and annoying I'm coming off by saying that.)So many "So and so is moving to Australia,"s, "Whathisname knows that we're screwed after this election"s, and even one, "Blahblah is ready for this crap to end so she can sit back and watch you all go down. KAYTHX!" Yes, high school drop out whose life ambition is to marry a Jonas Brother, you know so much more about politics than me.
Love my generation.

I live in the heart of Real America, and believe you me there are sour grapes. I'm more afraid to voice my opinion now than I was during the campaign. (And was warned that it's best not to mention I voted Obama)

The DOW drop was blamed on him, and Medvedev's challenge to the missle defense plan, and you know...everything else. I'm so sick of this town!

Hmmm...My friend on Facebook wants to move to Australia.
I liked McCain before the election. I still believe he is a decent man. I think his "team" really screwed him by selecting that...that...ugh Sarah Palin! GO AWAY!!!
I would never vote for a Republican. It goes against everything that I stand for and believe, but I have a lot of respect for McCain. I really believe he is a lot more liberal than he admits. However, his campaign was run poorly and he paid the price. I'm Happy that my party won. It's great to be a Democrat!

Kaitou-I don't know where you live, but I believe in standing up for what you believe in. I hate when people refuse to tell you who they voted for in an election. I don't think it's a big deal. I never have a problem telling people who I voted for, and I never have a problem telling people I'm a Liberal! Stand up for what you believe in!

Oh believe me, Me, I may have been told it's better to hush up, but it sure didn't happen!

I may have never won an argument here with Republican supporter (becuase you really can't argue with people who believe in Truthiness), but they've never been able to say my reason for voting Obama is wrong! I'm thinking of picking up an Obama t-shirt to wear on Fridays when I don't have to wear a uniform.

Had to toss in a shot at the Pats, didn't you.

I work in a republican strong hold. The sadness post election was palpable. Everybody looked like they're grandma had just died. Finally nobody is talking politics.

I love how you're surprised by this.
Republicans don't throw hissy fits when they lose.
Neither do they demand recounts just because they lost.
Your party is incredibly immature, yes.
But don't expect your opposition to sink to your level.

Weren't the sour grapes were in Sarah's mouth as she tried to stand up there and smile during the concession speech? [good speech by the way]

Well, there's all kinds of animosity, not sure if it counts as sour grapes, still rattling around Minnesota. Al Franken's douchey opponent declared himself the winner, even though the race was statutorily too close to call (less than half a percent), and they are having a recount. Last I heard, Coleman's lead, which I believe started out around 800 votes, has already been cut down to 400-some, and they have not begun the meat of the re-count. Coleman is trying to shame Franken into conceding...I'm just hoping we don't go back to the commercials that call Al a pornographer and a racist.

Yes, Me, it is good to stand up for what you believe in when you won't get black listed at your job or in your small town for it. My family depends on my paycheck to survive for now and keeping my opinion to myself is part of the job. I work with liberals, conservatives, whites, blacks, Indians, christians, catholics, agnostics, and so on. The ONLY way we can work together is by keeping it all about the job. The only ones allowed to have an opinion are the big boys and most just agree with them to get ahead. They use my real name here at the office not an anonymous screen name and no matter how much I want to "make a stand" I want to keep my kid in clothes and food even more.

Good post Dustin, and very good points. I think I'm a little older than most of the regular readers of this blog and I remember when McCain truly was a maverick. He stood up against his party a lot and was never afraid to admit he made mistakes. I didn't always agree with him, but I always listened to what he said (Sidenote, as a veteran, his POW experiences were also very impressive). THEN, he won the Republican nom and became someone who bore no resemblance to the man I had seen previously.

Personally, I think he just lost it that he still had to fight his whole party even though he won the nomination fair and square, and basically just shut down his own instincts and went with what the party wanted from him. That way, he can say that he took their advice when they try to blame him for their losses, as they will.

His other misfortune was he faced a candidate of destiny. Make no mistake, I'm not an Obama lover. I practice in Chicago and have seen too much of his record in the Illinois house and senate to think he's not just an extremely gifted politician. Having said that, I voted for him twice (no, even though this is Chicago, they weren't both on Tuesday - the first was for him for Senate) However, this was just his year.

I don't think any republican could have won after the market melted, but I have a feeling Obama would have won anyway.

Now, I just kind of feel sorry for him. The crap is just beginning.

Uh, those Republicans who want to move to Australia....

They know we've had universal health care for decades, right? And that we pay higher taxes than the USA, and the more you earn, the more you pay? And we ratified the Kyoto agreement? And you can't own fully or semi-automatic weapons? And you're required, by law, to do a bunch of things like wear a seatbelt and, for that matter, vote?

The devil on my shoulder gleefully requests that you a) don't tell them and b) send them over here. She likes watching people cry.

What is it about Australia that make Repubs on Facebook want to move there?

Even Elisabeth Hasselback is supportive of our President-Elect now. If she can change any die hard can (with the exception of loons like Rush and Ann Coulter).

There's certainly sour grapes in my house right now. My mom said pre-results that she would slit her wrists if Obama won, and since then she's ranted about Acorn and "stealing millions of votes and fraud and the biased media" and how anybody rational like Dr. Laura gets savaged and how "change really means you won't have any change left in your pockets once he's through with you."

So cheer up!

Republicans call candidates terrorists! They called Obama a socialist without any evidence. They claim that Democrats would only vote for him because he's half black. They loved Sarah Palin, Joe Six-Pack, Joe's brother the Plumber, and his sister Dora the Explorer. Republicans are AFRAID of anyone that is different. The crap that was spewed by your party would never have been said if Obama was not black! I don't remember this crap when President Clinton was elected. Democrats demand recounts when your party is STEALING the election! You bitch about the war, but you don't join the fight. Republicans wanted privacy for Palin's daughter, but want to overturn Roe v. Wade. Your party is stuck in the 1800's. Wake Up! Its 2008! Your party put Bush in office TWICE, and you bitch that the world is in the crapper! PLEASE...YOU MAKE ME VOMIT!

Phat Girl- I feel for you. I grew up in a small town, but I moved to NYC to attend school Thank God! My experience was different from yours. I understand your need to remain private because of your situation. I have a big mouth, and it gets me into trouble. I was known as the "controversial girl" because I loved arguing with my conservative friends. This election really brought out the worst in people. My Republican friends & I are not really getting along right now. I really HOPE that Obama doesn't screw up! I will never hear the end of it.
I still think the situation in CA is AWFUL! If you're not going to treat the gay community as second class citizens--THEY SHOULD NOT PAY TAXES!

oops...going to treat the gay community as second class citizens...etc...you get my point

At 11:23pm on November 4th: Krystle says "Welcome to the Socialist Republic of Obama...congrats assholes. I don't want to hear a word about racism ever again."

There's sour grapes out there, maybe just not in the media yet, but there's definitely some who are getting their opinions out there.

Republicans are CLUELESS about socialism. They really need to do their research. Learn to use google & quit repeating everything your party tells you. Geez.
Republican Party: Terrorist
Republicans: Terrorist
RP: Socialist
R: Socialist
R: supercalafragalistic-expialadosish

Wow... The post was about the lack of sore losers.
You seem more keen on being a sore winner.
You're right. We loved Palin, and Joe. How dare us?
But be honest, both parties have shady peeps during elections.
ACORN? Hello?
Losing doesn't mean your opponent stole anything.
It means you lost.
You lost 8 years ago.
You lost again 4 years ago. It happens. To both parties.
Get over it.
Follow Obama with hope and optimism into the future as I will.
Your vitriol merely reaffirmed what I said in my comment.

I didn't lose 8 years ago. The country lost 8 years ago.
You called my party immature, and you're the one writing about Acorn, Joe, and Palin.
Uh huh