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When it rains, it poors

sprinkler.jpgAhhhhhh. It feels good. With the recent whack-job stories coming out of Wisconsin, I was a little worried about our old stand-by, Florida. But a Fort Lauderdale inmate has laid those worries to rest.

Seems that this particular prisoner was pissed off about something. Rather than trying to take up his grievances with the local prison staff, or with a judge, he went for the more rewarding route of trying to flood a courthouse!

The prisoner was in the Broward County Courthouse and started futzing with a sprinkler. Apparently, he was able to fiddle with it enough that it broke, and the building’s whole north wing ended up flooding. Of course, he’s now expected to face some new charges, and one wonders what he’ll do to take his frustrations out over this. Cherry bomb the toilets, maybe? Or how about toilet papering the judge chambers? Nothing gets out the frustrations like Charmin!